5 Expert Tips that Will Instantly Improve Your Instagram Feed

It’s safe to mention that Instagram has become a significant player in social media. Having a pretty, aesthetic, and appealing Instagram account can modify your business and may produce amazing chances of success. So how do you make your Instagram presentable amongst the crowd? It’s not a simple effort. Instagram, the most followed social platform, has become the most important site to post your pictures as it provides a variety of filters and editing options to choose from. The tips to improve your Instagram feed are as follows;


This has now become an important aspect of posting your pictures on your account. Having an attractive picture is just one thing, but editing is what makes your photos aesthetically pleasing. Certain editing apps can facilitate it. For instance, Afterlight, VSCO, and a Color Story.


It can be used for cropping and brightening your pictures, distinction, and at times for adding sharpened effect to the photos and twiddling with shadows.


This app provides fantastic color ranges for editing photos. It also enables users to create their custom color collections. The filters create very light, ecstatic mist, and can give your images a subtle effect. Few filters create a vibrant pink and orange glow too.


It is an amazing editing app for adding colors to your images. A wide range of filters is available on this app for editing.


Having lots of photos to choose from can go a long way. It can be a bit annoying when you’re out and about and trying to fix things quickly, but it’s worth it in the end. It lets you see things from different angles and gives you further options as you play with the image throughout the feed. Take a glance over a few images, it would help you get an idea of angles.


Posting on your feed daily would prove helpful, increase your engagement. It’s important to post daily to gain attention from the audience and keep your feed lively. It could be a great strategy for personal branding. Posting once in a while would make people lose interest.


It is a key fact that would help you attain an appealing feed. Follow all those pages which are good at posting stuff that you love. Moreover, it will help you follow different pages, and you’ll get to see your desired content.


Hashtags play an important role in enhancing your feed. When done correctly, it helps show your photos to a specific audience and allows you to showcase your photo to a larger Instagram audience. It can help you grow your fan base.

Besides, by visiting simplygram.com, one can boost their Instagram feed by growing their audience in an organic manner as well as by following these few tips that are mentioned above. Do give it a try by adding different filters options to your photos, making them a bit more interesting for any social media platform.