7 Behind-The-Scenes Secrets of Private Investigators

Probably when you hear the word private investigator the first thing you think of is “Sherlock Holmes”. We’ve all seen the movies, where private investigators are getting to the bottom of cases, while police officers couldn’t even make sense of the outset. But real life doesn’t work as in the movies. However, if you are in need of a private investigator there are professionals, like Truth Private Investigators, who are eager to help.

Nowadays, private investigators most of the time work on insurance frauds and fake injury claims. Still, that’s most of the time, not always. Every now and then, every private investigator gets a case that doesn’t involve any insurance fraud or fake injury claim. Besides, there are some interesting behind-the-scenes secrets of PIs you should know about.

Every Beginning Is Hard

There are so many types of people across the globe. Some are religious. Others are not. Some believe in ghosts. Others don’t. Nevertheless, every novice PIs has to face one thing. And that is accepting cases that hardly any other renowned PIs would agree to work on. And such cases entail an investigation of hunting houses, the presence of ghosts, or even cursed radio devices.

They Work with the Police

Unlike in the movies – where the relationship between the police and PIs is fragile – in real life, PIs work closely with the police. Why? It’s a simple concept. They have a mutual interest in solving the case.

While Being on Duty – They Wear Clothes for Comfort Not Style

Knowing that they have to spend so many hours sitting in a car and observing a suspect, private investigators dress in the most comfortable clothes they have. Don’t be surprised if a private investigator tells you that he drives his car while observing a house or following a suspect – dressed in pajamas.

They Don’t Need an University Degree to Start a Firm

It’s true that many private investigators are former or retired police officers, detectives, or even military soldiers. But previous law enforcement experience is not a mandatory requirement to become a private investigator. But if PIs want to work for a well-established agency, however, then getting a degree – in some legal studies – is compulsory.

They Take a Leak In Bottles (What a creative thing to do – Smile)

Sitting in a car for hours, especially if you mustn’t get out and reveal yourself, is not an easy thing to do. And the bladder doesn’t ask for a time or place once being filled. You have to take a leak. And taking a leak in a bottle is nothing compared to blowing up a whole investigation.

They Have a Trick on How to Follow Cars

Some people are so paranoid that they would become suspicious of being followed just by seeing or meeting the same person at two different locations the same day. And that’s not a good sign for PIs. The last thing PIs need is their suspects becoming suspicious of something. Therefore, PIs use several different cars and drivers. Thus, the suspect won’t be seeing the same car on the rearview mirror the whole time.

They Won’t Help You in Framing Someone Up

Private investigators are not criminals. And frame-up is a very serious crime. PIs work for the law – not the other way around. They are true private investigators, who always strive to help the innocents by solving their hitherto unsolved cases.

Here’s a link to a short interview with Richard Wirst – a private investigator, who explains what private investigators do.