Bedding Basics: Things to Consider When Choosing Bed Sheets

Why is it important to think when choosing bed sheets? Why people spend lots of time selecting the quality, pattern, and fabric of the bedsheets they will buy? This is because we spend more than a third of our day between bed sheets. Therefore, it’s worth the time to make your bed comfortable and worth crawling into. Just be vigilant about the long-lastingness and comfort of your bedsheets.

Fabric content

You should be aware of the fabric content that the bed sheet is made up of. A fabric that is 100% cotton is perfect because it is affordable and comfortable. Moreover, ELS (extra-long staple) cotton-like Pima or Egyptian will be excellent if you look for something premium. It is extra durable and softer. These bedsheets are expensive but worth the investment as they last longer. Sometimes, the cotton is labeled as Egyptian. To avoid this issue, go for polyester because polyester makes the fabric inexpensive, less wrinkly, and more durable.

Don’t be fooled by the thread count.

One of the techniques manufacturing companies use is to make the thread count high because people prefer more thread sheets. But in reality, quality remains the same. Research suggests that for ultimate softness and strength, 300-500 thread sheets are a good selection. Getting 200 thread sheets won’t be soft, and more thread sheets than 500 also won’t do much good to the quality of the bedsheet.

Different weaves

When choosing bed sheets, know the different types of weaves. Sateen gives a feel of silk and smoothness, whereas Percale is crisp and light. So, it is more like a basic weave. The selection of different weaves depends on the preference of a person. However, most of the customers prefer sateen over percale as the smoothness of Sateen is most valued.

Return policy and fit

If your mattress is tall, make sure you have the measurements before buying the bedsheet. Also, keep in mind that some bedsheets shrink after one wash. So, ask the dealer about the bedsheet. Ask him what the perfect size for your mattress. Ask your dealer if the bed sheet won’t fade away in terms of color after the wash. Ensure you are given a guarantee of the color of the bedsheet and the quality of the fabric. Sometimes the quality of the bedsheet seems premium, but after one wash, the bed sheet becomes rough and dull. Mostly, fitted sheets have the perfect fit. Lastly, it is essential to check the return policy of the bedsheet. This is crucial because you can’t conclude the comfort of your bed sheet unless you spend a night on it. Go for brands that have a return policy for any reason.

In conclusion, the quality of bed sheets is an essential factor one should consider before making the purchase. The above pointers will surely help you select the perfect quality for your bed sheet. When your bed sheet is perfect, you will have a night of uninterrupted sleep. Do a good investment to get long-lasting bedsheets.