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Lowes Survey Guide To Win $500

Lowes is the second-largest retail chain of hardware and home improvement in the US with over 2000 stores in North America. Lowes retail chain has launched an excellent survey to collect the valuable feedback of its customers. The exciting part about the survey is that the participants become eligible for their Sweepstakes reward.  You just need to share your experiences of your last visit to Lowes through this survey. It can be negative or positive feedback; the company will evaluate all the feedbacks taken from their customers to improve its products and services. How is the winner selected in the Lowes survey? After you have completed the feedback survey at, the company will randomly decide and select the winners. The draw happens every month according to the schedule listed by the Sweepstakes Administrator. However, the selected candidates must… Read more “Lowes Survey Guide To Win $500” Survey Guide

The significance of customer feedback is paramount to companies, and this is why so many companies organize customer surveys. Stop and Shop also conducts surveys to improve their customers’ experiences. When the customers provide their suggestions and talk about the things they like and dislike, it gives the company valuable information to make suitable decisions.  They get a clear idea about the products and services customers appreciate and what improvements are to be made. Taking feedback from consumers allows companies to grow and diversify their product ranges, enhance their experience and provide substantial boosts to their profitability. Talktostopandshop Survey Requirements and Rewards Here are some eligibility criteria and requirements you need to be aware of for the Talk to stop and shop survey:   To participate in the talk to stop and shop survey, you must be a legal resident of… Read more “ Survey Guide” Survey

Customer surveys help companies in multiple ways. Knowing customers’ mindset is just one aspect, but the most important one. Another benefit of such surveys is that companies learn about consumer behavior, staff behavior, and buying trends. Through the survey data analysis, companies plan their future moves to maximize customer satisfaction and profitability. If you have made any recent purchase from the popular American chain store Family Dollar, then you can share your feedback on the survey to let them know your honest views. You can also participate in the sweepstakes by sending your entry via phone call or SMS. The exciting news is that it takes only a few minutes, and you will be eligible for a daily cash price of $1000 and weekly prizes of $1500 via sweepstakes. It is the company’s way to appreciate survey takers and… Read more “ Survey”

Guide to choosing throw pillows

Do you feel that your house’s design looks old, that perhaps you need to improve its look? But then, any form of decoration costs a lot of money. It’s either you decide to choose the paint and furniture yourself, or you hire a home decorator. Either way, a significant amount of money will vanish from your account. However, I have come with good news for you. Do you know that you can improve the general look of any room in your house without changing your already present furniture? Ever heard of throw pillows? They are those small and decorative pillows that can be placed on chairs or beds. Now, amongst the variety of throw pillows that are in existence, I recommend mudcloth pillows in room design. You want to know why? I will tell you in no time.… Read more “Guide to choosing throw pillows”

IBM abandons face recognition business

IBM has recently announced that it has finally abandoned facial recognition and is no longer looking to explore the technology anymore. This is because the tech giant has come to terms with the statement that the facial recognition software for biased racial profiling on a massive scale. This announcement has come as a reaction to the killing of George Floyd, the black man who was brutally strangled to death by the local police.… Read more “IBM abandons face recognition business”

Cooling Weighted Blankets to Use If You Run Hot

Weighted blankets are becoming more popular with every passing day. They are used to treating people who have trouble with sleep and their sleeping patterns, but they are also used by regular people to stay more relaxed, calm, and relieved while sleeping. These blankets are substantial and have the right form of material that keeps you cozy. One must think that since blankets are used to keep one warm, weighted blanks do the same. This is right to an extent, but a variety of different weighted blankets are now introduced in the market that is used for various purposes. These weighted blankets have numerous attributes that provide benefits to the average consumer in different ways. One such type of weighted blankets is the weighted cooling blankets. These blankets are used to keep you cold in case you feel warmer than… Read more “Cooling Weighted Blankets to Use If You Run Hot”

4 Simple Ways to Invest in Real Estate

There are various areas of the real estate market to invest, all you need is to choose the most effective. Investment isn’t a get rich quick scheme but with dedication and making it a full-time job like others, you will reap massively. You must understand that a successful investor must set clear goals, create achievable plans and apply the effective ways of investing. The market has various opportunities that guarantee big profits, but buying or owning in this business is much more complicated than investing in stocks or bonds. 4 Simple Ways to Invest in Real Estate 1. Basic Property for Rent Buying homes and renting them is a great way to generate an additional monthly flow of cash. To enhance this, you need to build or buy a house that has monthly mortgage payment, a house insurance fee and… Read more “4 Simple Ways to Invest in Real Estate”