Cooling Weighted Blankets to Use If You Run Hot

Weighted blankets are becoming more popular with every passing day. They are used to treating people who have trouble with sleep and their sleeping patterns, but they are also used by regular people to stay more relaxed, calm, and relieved while sleeping. These blankets are substantial and have the right form of material that keeps you cozy.

One must think that since blankets are used to keep one warm, weighted blanks do the same. This is right to an extent, but a variety of different weighted blankets are now introduced in the market that is used for various purposes. These weighted blankets have numerous attributes that provide benefits to the average consumer in different ways. One such type of weighted blankets is the weighted cooling blankets. These blankets are used to keep you cold in case you feel warmer than usual. The weighted cooling blankets have surely gained lots of popularity and are available with a variety of traditional retailers and on websites stores as well.

How do cooling weighted blankets work?

It is said that a weighted cooling blanket makes use of different moisture ruining materials like cotton or bamboo. These materials are used basically to help with temperature control as well as air circulation. According to the National Sleep Foundation or the NSF, the average temperature for high-quality sleep ranges from 58-68 Fahrenheit. The material used in this type of blanket is known as a cold, breathable fabric. This fabric, combined with the glass beads, offers the ability not to retain heat and, in the process, keep the temperature much colder than usual.

Best cooling weighted blankets to use this summer.

Without a doubt, this summer is going to be hot! But worry not, the weighted cooling blankets are here to save the season. Getting your hands on any of the following cooling blankets will help you stay cool in ways you can’t imagine.

Gravity Cooling Weighted Blanket

This cooling blanket by offers an additional layer with a state of the art moisture-dampening fabric, which feels very calming and relaxing immediately upon contact. In this blanket, the glass beads are evenly distributed throughout and are also very easy to wash once it has been used multiple times. Rest assured, this blanket is both stylish and extremely comfy!

Luna Cooling Weighted Blanket

The breathable blanket from Luna comes in a variety of different sizes and weights. These weights vary from 5lbs to 30lbs. The blanket is extremely versatile and is known to give a feeling of being hugged by someone, a feeling everybody loves without a doubt!

Casper Cooling Weighted Blanket

Casper’s breathable weighted blanket is built in such a way that it gravitates all the humid and hot air away from the human body, making you remain more relaxed and calmer than ever. This blanket also comes in different sizes and offers different weights as well.


Summer is upon us, and to make sure you stay healthy; you need to sleep well. To sleep well, you need to avoid humidity. For this purpose, getting your hands on these top blankets has become a necessity, so shop now onĀ before it’s too late!