Countries Where Online Betting Is Legal

Thanks to the advancement in technology and the widespread use of the internet, the adoption of online casinos, gambling, and betting are increasing steadily. And this is not only in first-world countries but also in countries in Asia and Africa. However, there are some countries that have not completely come to terms with gambling and betting. Thus, there is a need for this article. Before launching your online betting company, be ready to see where you can maximize the benefits of your hard work.

The cmd368 “game” comes highly recommended. Whether you are a newbie in an online casino or a veteran known throughout the chat rooms, downloading and playing this game will be the best decision that you made this year. With this, it’s better to know where online betting is legal.

The United Kingdom

Few countries have a rich history and culture of gambling and betting as the UK. From the days of betting on dogs and racehorses to the current age of sports betting and gambling, the UK has evolved with the market.

Online betting and regulations are monitored by the UK Gaming Commission. All companies in the gambling industry are required to apply for a gambling license, customize their content for the local market, and adhere to the rules set by the Commission.

New players and foreign companies are always looking to enter the UK market since it is well regulated. Online betting here is one of the largest in the world.


In the Asian belt and Far East Region, many countries have banned gambling of any form. This is what makes Japan such a breath of fresh air. This doesn’t mean that the country is lax in its regulation. The Japanese gambling authorities are quite meticulous in what they do.

You should know that underage gambling is illegal in Japan and if you seek to enter the market, you should have proper protocols that filter potential players.

The Philippines and Kazakhstan have also legalized online gambling.


While it is known for its beautiful vehicles and the efficiency of its systems, Germany has also set itself apart as an online gambling and betting haven. But similar to all things in German, this has been done to curate betting to their ideals and perception as a country.

It is quite a competitive industry, but should you be able to permeate, you will enjoy good returns on investment.

Other European countries where you can enjoy online gambling include Bosnia, Cyprus, Finland, Estonia, Bulgaria, Belgium, Iceland, Luxembourg, Slovakia, and Serbia.

Australia and New Zealand

Just because they are located in the “down under” doesn’t mean they cannot enjoy a good online casino experience. Online betting is legal in Australia and sites from overseas can be played. However, the same rules don’t apply fully to New Zealand. There, only gambling and betting sites from within are allowed. Overseas sites are considered illegal.


In our research, we identified that most countries have no restrictions when it comes to online gambling sites. Some of them include Burundi, Cameroon, Angola, Benin, Cape Verde, Uganda, Tunisia, and Zimbabwe among others.