Driving Tips and Hints for Italy

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When you pay a visit to Italy, you will need a mode of transportation to move to several places, especially when you are on vacation. You will need to rent a car and drive for the period you will be there. You can easily find a parking in Treviso, and Palermo parking is no longer a problem, too. However parking in Rome can be a little bit challenging due to it’s busy traffic and lack of free space. Such tips for driving in Italy include:

1. Visiting Rome

When visiting Rome while in Italy, there is a place you must never drive, which is the Eternal city. In Metro city, there are already many available taxis which you can hire, including Uber since they are only ones allowed to drive around Eternal City. You can also choose to walk around Rome since when you drive there, you can get yourself into trouble that you never expected.

Via Nazionale Rome

2. Manual Transmission

Most people do drive sticks in Italy, and if you are intending to rent the automatic, then you must be prepared with your budget if you haven’t asked for renting GPS. The best car one can ever rent the one which has an in-built GPS which don’t come with any extra charges.

3. Using GPS

It is wise to use GPS when driving in Italy, especially for the first-timers. When using GPS in a new environment, you will get to drive faster since the location are quickly shown when you have a car with GPS.

4. Remember the Horse-ways

When you drive off major autostrada, you can get to drive onto the roads which were built for carriages and horses only. Those roads are snake-ways, winding and narrow too as they pass at the terrain. Driving in such areas should be taken with cautious since the horses in such areas are always protected. Never make the mistake of over-speeding and end up causing accidents with the horses since you will be involved in problems you never planned to have.

5. Be Ready for Being Liable for Driving Mistakes

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When you make anyone wrong move onto the rural roads, then you will have to take another long drive for you to get to the correct way again. Italy has few rural roads and bypasses, and this means that when driving in such areas, you should always try and use the GPS so you don’t make the mistake that will cost you in return.

6. The Phantom Lane

When visiting Italy, you will realize that between its two highway lanes, there is a middle lane which is called the phantom lane. The lane is for passing, and most Italians are aware of how it is used. What you need to know about this lane is that, if you are driving and you are roared behind by someone, you need to move immediately towards the right then let them blow at the passing middle lane. It helps for people getting off the way and reduces possible accidents.

When visiting Italy, whether, during your first time or a frequent visitor, you must never forget these tips. Of course, you can leave your car at a nearest parking if you like traveling by bus or train. You should also follow the above hints which will give you the best experience, and you will avoid issues with the Italians.