Guide to choosing throw pillows

Do you feel that your house’s design looks old, that perhaps you need to improve its look? But then, any form of decoration costs a lot of money. It’s either you decide to choose the paint and furniture yourself, or you hire a home decorator. Either way, a significant amount of money will vanish from your account.

However, I have come with good news for you. Do you know that you can improve the general look of any room in your house without changing your already present furniture?

Ever heard of throw pillows? They are those small and decorative pillows that can be placed on chairs or beds. Now, amongst the variety of throw pillows that are in existence, I recommend mudcloth pillows in room design. You want to know why? I will tell you in no time.

Throw pillows can single-handedly transform a room from old and boring to bright and comfortable. Mudcloth pillows in room design are a personal favorite. They are simply pillows that are handmade from the beginning to the end of its manufacturing process. The love, care, and meticulousness that is put in it help accentuate its comfort. You should try using them in your home.

The only not-so-beautiful thing about throw pillows is the confusion that comes when choosing them. As a personal lover of Do It Yourself acts and a decorator, I have experience in decorating my home, and I will share some tips on how to make the right choice while choosing throw pillows for your home.

But before we start, I would love to advise you that you should not be restricted by the tips that I’m about to give. Let them serve as an idea on what to choose, feel free to come up with something fresh for your home.

How to choose throw pillows.

  • Color: Choosing the color for throw pillows is one of the most straightforward tasks when it comes to decorating a home with throw pillows. This is because the color of the pillows will only be complements to the base color of your home. If your instance, you want to place throw pillows in your living room, the colors you choose should complement the color of your sofa or the color of your wall paint. Use plain colored throw pillows for a patterned sitting room, and use patterned pillows for a plain colored living room.

  • Size: throw pillows come in different sizes, between 15 – 36 inches in length. The size of a throw pillow depends on the size of a couch or sofa.  The pillows must be moderate-sized, not too big, not too small. More than one size of a pillow can be used for decoration. However, you are advised to place the larger pillows outside, near the arm of the sofa. At the same time, the smaller sized pillows should be closer to the middle of a sofa. It’s for symmetry, nothing special.

  • Shape: throw pillows come in four different forms.
  • The square and rectangle-shaped pillows: they are the most commonly used throw pillow size.
  • The round-shaped pillows: they look like circles and are very fancy. However, they are not usually used because most times, they don’t suit the shape of sofas.
  • Bolster: these are long and round throw pillows that have long zippers attached to them. They look like corn-dogs without a stick. They are used as a neck and back support.

In conclusion, while choosing the throw pillow you want for your home, make sure to follow the guides mentioned above. We don’t want your home not to look good now, do we?