Healthcare Website Design Tips that Deliver Patients

In the past, a client would size up a medical practice or any other profession by the appearance of its office. They would seek to know how the interior looks, the service of the receptionist, and whether you will offer them a cup of tea or coffee. A medical practice was designed to lure in a patient and keep them in.

All of that has changed with the advancement in technology and software. What now brings in and appeals to a potential client is the look of your website. You will be judged by the look of your medical website. That said, your online presence needs to stand out from the competition and be a true representation of the quality of service that you offer.

We understand that few have the skills, experience, and expertise in website design. To help you out, our team details several design tips that you should incorporate into your website design.


Long ago, people would source for services in the physical directories and yellow pages. Things have drastically been changed. Potential clients search the internet for services that they want. And what do they use? Their smartphone devices.

Your website should allow a potential client to peruse, read, and be re-directed to other pages and services on your website. The client shouldn’t have to pinch and pan the screen to be able to view content.

Making your website mobile-friendly improves the experience of the client on your website and pushes them to make that call or write you that email.

Your website should be interactive


As it was mentioned earlier, your website has replaced human interaction to a point. That doesn’t mean that it should be a plain and bland site. A potential client should be able to interact with your website the same way they would have with you or the front desk.

A client should be able to make inquiries, book an appointment, and look for informative content on your website. Take a look at other healthcare clinics online to see how interactive a website can be.

You can ensure this by implementing the following on your website:

–  Making use of interactive forums.

– Placing call-to-action, CTA buttons on your website.

– Synchronizing with a patient portal.

Doctor’s website design should have informative content

Another form of marketing that many medical clinics have neglected is the use of informative blogs and other media content. The doctors website design is crucial for any clinic. By posting regular content, you establish yourself as an authority in your field. It is a form of free marketing that can generate a lot of leads your way.

You can either choose to have regular posts on your website, have a Q&A section, or allow for testimonials and reviews at the bottom of the page.

Easy to navigate through

Have you ever clicked on a website and been frustrated by the speed at which you are able to navigate through the content? That’s the same way, your potential client feels when she or he clicks on your slow website. If it is the case, you can be guaranteed that they will move to your competitor.