How Do I Get My CAM License?

CAM license is the community association manager license which gives one certification of being a qualified manager. The CAM license is always achieved after one has been examined and done an exam. You can enroll in the Florida CAM Course online here at the Community Association Academy website. Before qualifying to have a CAM license, here are the steps to be followed.

1. Take Pre-licensure CAM Course

The course always takes a minimum of 18 hours which is offered in the format of the classroom. After finishing undertaking the course and get certified, you will be required to submit the CAM license copy into the state’s hands who will take cross-conference with course graduate pre-license. This certification has been validated for the period of one year meaning you are required to finish the course and pass their examination within this period so you can avoid retaking this pre-license course.
The RCCAM will then determine the course content where the exams were based and it also takes into consideration the maximum hours spent on the course. The reason is that these course materials are always wide-ranging in that, you can get the chance for retaking this course until you pass their exams.

2. Complete The DBPR Application Then Submit It With Requisite Fee

These applications are done from online websites or you can also prefer to print off this application or go for the copy from nearby Gold coast location schools. After completing this application process, you should then have it mailed to the DBPR. The application submission process can be before or after you complete the course but it is good that you have it submitted as earlier as you can. DBPR will take some background checking that will require a few times so it can be performed. You should also fill the application form fully and in the specs, which don’t apply to you, then write N/A to confirm this.

3. Have Your Fingerprints Electronically Taken

This can be done at the place you are taking your course and the vendor that takes the fingerprints for you will then have them submitted to the DBPR on your behalf. Even when you had already had fingerprints detected before, you should still take them so you can finish the CAM application process. If you fail to pass the pre-license exams, you will retake the fingerprints detection process again when you retake the course.

4. Study till You Understand Everything

Have the course thoroughly studied and answer the available questions of each chapter before taking the exams. The CAM classes are important and students can opt to take them and this will help you pass your exams. Studying is the best technique to pass your exams.

5. Take Test Exams Then Pass

After the DBPR sends you the approval for the sitting of the exams, you can then take the test and make sure you pass. The minimum score for someone to pass is 75% and you need to do all those 100 questions. After passing the test, DBPR will give you the license for about two weeks after the results are out.

6. After passing the exams, you will be officially licensed and you can be free to look for CAM employment where most of them are offered by direct contracts.

If you want to secure your own license for CAM, then you must enroll in the Florida CAM course online here. This will make you qualify to be certified with a CAM license.