How to Increase Instagram Followers in 30 Days

Staying up to date with all the happenings in the social and technological world has become more important than ever. Firms who fail to innovate and adapt fail miserably in the ever-changing dynamics of the market today. Similarly, having a robust online presence has also become more critical than ever. For this, the businesses must take to Instagram to promote their products and services. The past few years have been a testament to the fact that Instagram has become an essential tool to promote businesses.

One of the most common methods of effectively using Instagram is to increase the overall reach and engagement of the content posted on the platform. However, to do this, your business account must have maximum genuine and organic followers who have the potential of converting into end customers. With this, the main question of how to get free followers on Instagram arises.

To answer this specific question, a few tips and tricks have been listed and discussed in detail. These tips lead towards increasing the genuine following of the account within a month. This way, the content posted will get more engagement as well as reach, which will ultimately benefit the business in the long run. Some of these tips are as follows.

Use Instagram Growth Services

Perhaps one of the quickest ways to gain genuine followers is to use certain services that have been designed specifically for increasing following on Instagram. The growth services link the account with real followers on the hunt for the following accounts, which serve their topic of interest. These followers can be obtained only by subscribing to these services online. However, it would help if you always avoided automated bots and fake followers as they leave a very negative and long-lasting impression on your business account and its feed. Some of the famous Instagram growth services include SimplyGram, Social Buddy, Kicksta, Upleap, and Viral Race, amongst others.

Use Relevant Hashtags

Perhaps one of the most underrated and less talked about ways of increasing followers is through the more traditional approach of using attractive and relevant hashtags. These hashtags help the followers in seeing posts or content that is relevant to what they are searching for. It is recommended by social media and Instagram experts that at least 20 relevant hashtags must be uploaded along with every post.

Collaborate with Influencers

Social Influencers on Instagram are people who have a huge fan following on the platform. Their followers are genuine and follow them based primarily on their hierarchal position in the fame world. However, some influencers are also famous because of the content they post. Collaborating or get a shout out from such influencers can become a very effective method of getting your message across to a much wider audience. If the followers of the specific influencer like your content, the probability of them becoming your followers increases by a lot.


The above-explained points are some ways to increase fan following on Instagram. However, it is very important to be strategic even with all these tips and tricks. Effective use of these methods will surely give positive results.