What Instagram Accounts To Follow For A Career Boost

Searching for a job can be a very difficult process for people as there is an endless stream of talent out there and at the same a limited amount of organizations or institutes to support everyone. The covid pandemic has made the process even more stressful and complex as job descriptions have changed with a more focus on working from remote locations. It is very important to get to know a few accounts on Instagram, that can inspire you in your career opportunities and give you a break from all the stresses of your routine, with a daily dose of positivity to keep you going in your career.

The accounts mentioned below are viewed by the Instagram audience, who regularly take tips and inspirational suggestions on how to pursue their careers and become successful at their jobs.

If you’ve got an Instagram profile offering career-boosting advice or any other subject for that matter, it is essential to grow your profile and look into techniques on how to make Instagram posts more attractive for your audience, to make a successful profile. The following accounts make quality content consistently, attracting a large audience daily to their posts. 

Bossed Up (@bosseduporg)

The account posts inspirational advice on how to manage interviews and have also started advising on how to address issues and problems associated with Zoom interviews and meetings. The profile also posts on how to make effective job searches relating to a person’s qualifications and how to deal with the increasing issues of Burnout in a person’s career. 

Fast Company (@fastcompany)

The profile gives regular insights into developing businesses, like media, design, and tech-related businesses. It also makes content related to the latest news in different industries and what it will mean to the economy. Their content is a fresh dose of positivity for the people who are related to the industries. 

Business Insider (@businessinsider)

The profile puts out very intellectual and technical content relating to career recommendations and the political aspect of businesses. The account is a must for people to follow who want to broaden their understanding of the corporate environment. 

Career Contessa (@careercontessa)

The account has a more female-oriented approach where they post regular job-seeking advice and recommend the popular jobs available in the current market. They have a variety of ways to express opinions and give advice with a casual and humorous approach to posts, in addition to the normal professional approach. They cater to people in different stages of their careers and provide useful tips and suggestions on how to pursue their future aspirations. 

Entrepreneur (@entrepreneur)

The account posts inspirational quotes regularly on their profile and interesting interviews with entrepreneurs on how to initiate a startup and make suggestions on how to make businesses succeed in the current market. They also provide motivating content for people who are searching for jobs and how to keep going in their careers. 

These five accounts are essential for people trying to further their careers and get through in finding jobs in the industry they are related to.