What is Real Estate Law?

First, let us know what it means to say real estate law. When a take a look at this law it is a law that aids in the consuming of land, also entails the buying and selling of land. It is a law that entails all about owning property. Real estate law is a very large area and almost every big law firm has a real estate law department.

Real Estate Law covers several areas which I want us to have a look at:

1.When one wants to sell or buy a land or a certain property.

Here, the government has laws that help in governing selling and buying of property. The laws concerned with real estate comes in with a view of protecting those selling their property from getting into hands of unauthorized people who have deals which may be corrupting the property of the owner for self-gaining and also helps in protecting the damaging of the environment in which it is found.

2.Construction of buildings.

This involves the construction to take place, the place of construction and the structure of buildings to be built. The real estate law aids in making sure the building is done is of the required standards and if those who go against the law they will have to face the law.

3.The laws aiding in the use of the land.

This contains laws generated by the real estate law which can be either commercial or industrial use. If in case a school will be constructed, then the land use will be meant for academic functions. This is greatly determined by the laws governed by the real estate government.

4. Paying of property taxes.

Real estate law under property section aids in guiding how the owner will pay the property taxes. Taxes are meant to help secure one’s property against damage.

5.The law concerning landlords and tenants’ agreement.

The real estate law consists of rules that govern the leasing and renting of apartments to tenants and according to the laws, the agreement and rules governed by the real estate laws government.

6. Injuries and those accidents liable to the homeowner.

The homeowner may be subjected to injuries connected to the property. One gets secured against the property in case any damage may occur compensation then take its course.

7.The title and disputes law.

The real ownership of property and belongings and the boundaries of the property is basically governed by real estate laws. In case of disputes arising from ownership of property or any other code violation that is quite common and has a negative impact not only to the housing association but all to the entire community ,such disputes are solved by the real estate laws that procedurally followed to arrive to an appropriate solution without affecting the housing association or the community at large.