What Makes a Perfect YouTube Video?

Did you know every minute people upload a video to YouTube? On average, this amounts to 300 hours worldwide. It means many people use YouTube daily making it the second largest search engine after Google. To attain more views and subscribers, you need good quality content and a significant number of subscribers.

There are a lot of content creators all over the world that specialize in specific niches. To stand out, you need to be good at content creation ideas and video editing. For the first 30 seconds, a viewer can choose to stick longer, give the video a thumbs up or leave and give a video a thumbs down. So, what do you need to ensure your video is perfect?

Background music

Have you watched a video on YouTube and felt it was flat? The same thing happens to your viewers if you do not come up with something playing in the background. This mostly applies to fast forwards, slow motions, or parts of the video where you are not talking about anything.

Background noises could also include voice-overs or instrumental beats. Note however if you use licensed music, your account could be suspended. So consider finding background music that is not licensed for your videos.

Including bloopers

We all agree bloopers are funny and interesting. You will find yourself laughing out loud when you watch some else’s bloopers. Viewers on your channel also become entertained when you post bloopers or cute comments behind the scenes that were not included in the vlog.

Some of these could be, a word you were trying to say and you probably include take one and two. You can also involve something you tried doing, for example, cooking and the food got burnt. This will also help your viewers embrace their fail moments.

Intro footage

Making your viewers curious is a good thing. They will often want to know what your videos contain so make them more interested in by posting parts of the content in the videos on the intro. Post the eye-catching and interesting moments to keep your viewers curious about what is coming in the video.

The intro includes the words you say to introduce yourself or welcome people to the channel. This mainly entails greetings and thanking your viewers for always coming back to watch your videos.

During an introduction, you must become energetic and show positive vibes for your viewers to be energized for your video.


Do not be the YouTuber that posts everything everyone else is doing at the moment, Stand out and post something people have not seen or heard in a while. By doing this, your subscribers will not feel your channel is monotonous and they can’t easily predict what you will post.

You do not have to be someone who posts content out of the world, or engages in risky content. You could just have normal fun and do your unique stuff.

In conclusion, coming up with great content on YouTube is a good way of promoting your channel and entertaining your subscribers. At the same time, it makes you happy if your viewers give back positive comments. So take our tips into account and achieve success.